How to transform your life


This retreat will be guided by Gen Kelsang Togden, resident teacher of the Kadampa Meditation Centre in Auckland. Gen Togden has also been National Spiritual Director of the NKT-IKBU in Portugal and South America.

After the Kadampa International Festivals where thousands of people gather from all over the world, many Kadampa Meditation Centres (KMC) and International Retreat Centres (IRC) offer ‘Post-Festival-retreats’ to deepen the experience of the teachings and meditations held at the Festival. This year at the 2017 International Summer Festival, we will receive for the first time at an International Festival the oral transmission of the new book from Venerebale Geshe kelsang Gyatso, How to transform your life

* It is not necessary to have assisted to the Festival in order to join this retreat. 

The Book How to transform your life is a very practical manual to stop our experience of problems, and find deep and lasting happiness through developing our inner peace.

“If we practice the instructions presented in this book we can transform our life from a state of misery into one of pure and everlasting happiness. These instructions are scientific methods to improve our human nature. Everybody needs to begood-natured with a good heart, because in this way we can solve our own problems as well as those of others, and we can make our human life meaningful.”
How to Transform Your Life. Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

A Joyful Journey

In this retreat we will reveal effective methods of the practice of mindfulness and meditation that we can all
use in our daily lives to acquire a special power that will enable us to always be happy. Each person has the
potential to enjoy deep happiness. In spite of encountering circumstances or people can complicate our life, the main obstacle that prevents us from being always happy is within our own mind. The harmful attitudes and emotions that we generate
obscure our mental clarity and thus decreasing our ability to fulfill our most basic wishes. If we learn to
overcome them in a constructive and gentle manner, we will obtain the power to be happy.




The retreat starts with an introduction at 7.30 p.m.

7.30 p.m – 9.00 p.m


9.00 p.m. – 9.30 p.m.

Wishfullfiling Jewel & guided meditation

07.45 – 08.45h


08.45 a.m. – 09.15 a.m.

1st Session

10.15 a.m. – 11.30 a.m.

2nd Session

12.45 a.m. – 14.00 a.m.


14.00 a.m. – 14.30a.m.

3rd Session

17.30 a.m. – 18.45 a.m.


19.30 a.m. – 20.00 a.m.

4th Session

9.00 p.m. – 10.15 p.m

Wishfullfiling Jewel & guided meditation

07.45 a.m. – 08.45 a.m.


08.45 a.m. – 09.15 a.m.

1st Session

10.15 a.m. – 11.30 a.m.

2 nd Session

00.45 p.m.- 2.00 p.m


14.00 – 14.30h

3ª sesión

17.30 – 18.45h


19.00 – 19.30h

Oraciones cantadas con ofrendas (Ofrenda al Guía Espiritual)

20.30 – 22.30h

Gema del corazón con meditación

07.45 – 08.45h


08.45 – 09.15h

1ª sesión

10.15 – 11.30h

2ª sesión

12.45 – 14.00h


14.00 – 14.30h

El retiro acaba el viernes 11 de agosto después de comer



Gen Kelsang Togden

Gen Kelsang Togden is a Buddhist monk and an international teacher of Modern Buddhism who is a close disciple of our Founder, the great meditation master and author, Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso.

Gen Togden has been practising meditation and Buddhism for nearly 25 years and has given Dharma teachings in five continents of the world. He has also helped establish and improve Dharma Centres in Canada, the USA, South America and Portugal.

Gen Togden is greatly admired for his good example and known for his joy, clarity, warmth and inspirational teachings that easily touch our hearts.





This price only includes teachings and meditations in the temple. Accommodation and meals are not included. Pre-registration required.

All sessions in the Temple are in Spanish. We can provide simultaneous translation into English.

Precios* retiro completo con el alojamiento y las comidas incluidos

  • Sin alojamiento y sin comidas 65€
  • Sin alojamiento y con comidas 100€
  • Camping 125€
  • Habitación compartida  (5-8 personas)  160€ / persona 
  • Habitación doble 190€ / persona (Si eliges doble debes venir con un acompañante) AGOTADAS
  • Habitación individual 290€ AGOTADAS

Ten en cuenta:

  • Precios por persona para todo el curso
  • Los precios con alojamiento tienen todo incluido (actividades, alojamiento y comidas)
  • Inscripción previa necesaria, abonando 20€ (no reembolsables)
  • Puedes solicitar el servicio de recogida en la estación de Renfe de Manresa +5€ (ida y vuelta). 
  • Si te alojas en dormitorio o en camping no te olvides de traer saco de dormir y toalla
  • * Todos los beneficios se destinan al desarrollo del Proyecto Internacional de Templos.

Precios sesiones sueltas

  • Introducción  10€
  • Sesiones de retiro 4€ 
  • Día completo 15€

Precios desglosados

  • Retiro completo sin alojamiento ni comidas
  • Desayuno  2€
  • Comida  6€
  • Cena  4€
  • Las plazas de alojamiento son limitadas. Se reservarán a las personas que van a asistir al evento completo.

Alojamiento externo

  • Casa de Elpidia (7 minutos en coche) t. 665 614 463
  • Casa Rural Castell de Guardiola (5 minutos en coche) http://www.castelldeguardiola.com/
  • Hotel Bruc (10 minutos en coche) Enlace a la web de Hotel Bruc

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