Introduction to mindfulness

Friday 7:30 - 8:30 pm

These meditation classes are open to everyone, regardless of experience

The classes are self-contained and you can drop-in to any class that is convenient for you. The meditation is done sitting on chairs (or you can sit on cushions if you wish) and we recommend you wear comfortable clothing for the classes.


What are the classes like?

The classes consist of guided meditations and a short talk, helping you to find inner solutions to problems and develop a clear and peaceful mind. The Teacher will explain how to find a correct meditation posture and what to concentrate your mind on. These inspirational teachings explain how we can conjoin our daily activities with positive attitudes and spiritual perspectives that transform our daily life into the spiritual path, the path to true happiness.


Structure of a class

Each class consist of:
  • Prayers and a short meditation (to prepare your mind for the class)
  • A teaching covering a theme (to deepen your knowledge)
  • A final meditation guided by the teacher to settle the knowledge
  • A practical advice to practice in your daily life (to help you to practice the teachings in your personal life).


  • Teacher: César Clemente
  • Fees: 6€ class / voucher 18€ 4 classes | Free TK members


  • Location:  C/ Girona 102, BCN
  • Phone: 934 950 851

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